I’m so proud of your diversity rate…not

How do you expect someone to work at 100 percent, 100 percent of the time when they make 14.85 an hour? – That is less than 33 thousand a year BEFORE taxes are taken out?

Why are you upset that when you are riding through a high poverty community that it looks like a “third world country”. You are the one who decided that the tax bracket only benefits you?

Is it okay to refer to a place, in your county, as a third world country?

How does one live off of 33 thousand dollars a year?

What I hear is that I must get on public assistance. Or get a second job. Or find a roommate. Or live in a less than ideal area. Or find alternative ways of income. You can’t expect anyone in this economy to live off of 33 thousand a year

No you asked him to be here to show that you have hired one person of color and one white woman. Whoooo diversity. Literally show monkeys.

Of course you have high diversity of low paying jobs. Please hire more minorities that don’t make a living wage. Please perpetuate the cycle of minorities having to work long hours and have second jobs because they don’t make enough money to take care of their family. Please do. AND I’m so proud that you are happy about your diversity rate.

So what you are telling me is that you’d rather have 5 EMPTY positions saved for white men rather than hire 2 people that help the office of diversity

When your boss hates you – passive aggressiveness

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day,

My partner sent flowers to me

I didn’t get flowers yesterday

They were delivered to my job

My boss hates me

She didn’t tell me that the flowers came

She gave the flowers to my coworker

My coworker apologized and gave me my flowers

My boss hates me

Passive aggressiveness to a T

Boogie on a Budget (VDay edition)

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow so what better way to treat myself than with lobster?

I’m all about being economical but also healthy and a tad boogie so of course I googled how to make lobster tail myself

What I spent

Gas : 5 dollars. I had to go to the white I mean affluent… part of town to find lobster


Lobster Tail: 5 dollars a pound at the farmers market that’s about 30 min away from me

Potato: 49 cent a pound, I got one pound. At my local store they are 1.59 a pound

Green Beans: 2 dollars for a frozen bag

Garlic Powder- 1.40 at my local store

Butter: 2 dollars, had to get the good stuff

Total: 16 dollars

Now let’s hope this turns out good and google knows what she’s talking about

Update: lobster tails, homemade garlic butter and baked potato = one of the best meals I’ve ever made

And in this week’s episode of how white men steal money from the government…

Keep using very vague white names, i.e. Paul and Dave and Bill

Find the only formula you know and start throwing it around, for example, revenue minus expenses equals our surplus and since we are contingent on our expenses even though we know our revenue we don’t know our surplus because as you know revenue – expenses would be our surplus

Start keep saying said vague names in repetition and in a circle until no one knows who is who

Look like a less attractive version of Derek Shepard

leave before the meeting is over

oh and be white.

Coded Language

So here I am, third week of my Political Fellowship and BOOM I get hit with coded language. Now see I am not surprised that the language was used, nor am I surprised by the responses in the room yet I am surprised about my reaction.

I am not a dog person, and even further than that, I am not an animal person but in order to not ruffle any feathers I laughed and awed to all of those dog photos. And then the conversation changed, ever so slightly but it changed. The lingo then went to how there should be a separation of the county. Have north county be one entity and south county be another.

This is a form a legalized segregation. The north is with poor minorities and the south with the more affluent. He said everyone should have to fend for themselves.

Yes strip our resources, bring drugs into our community and then ask to be separated.

Do you promise too not hyper sexualize our girls? Do you promise to not steal or our music? Do you promise to not steal our culture? Our food? Our speech? No. Well than you can’t steal our resources.

Oh wait I forgot we were talking about your dingy dogs. ooooo awwwww so adorable

**during the conversation I stayed silent, and just looked incredulous**